Our Team

We are a team of business professionals and executives with over 50 years of collective experience in Software Engineering, Innovation, and Strategy Implementation. We solve enterprise challenges using enterprise applications and technologies.

To us, the world is a global village, and this is our enterprise.

Join us and let us make a better world!

Flagship Projects

Advertisement Exchange: B2B Advertising platform that provides affordable advertising solutions for small businesses with e-Commerce, Search and Rewards utilities

Reference: https://adx.solutionshill.com

Innovative platform for lawyers and clients offering Search Utility, Shopping Cart, Customer Support/Admin portal, Email notification, Automated contract award system

Reference: https://solutionshill.com/legalconnect/

Comprehensive Online Learning Platform integrating Grading, Analytics, Examination, Progress Tracking, Rewards, Shopping, Admin Support, Email Alerts

Reference: https://heroesmart.com/school